30 January 2013

Salmon Fish Head Soup

I love salmon and I always go for the fillets in the supermarkets because they are real easy to handle and cook. However, they are also expensive. The salmon fish heads on the other hand, are much less costly but obviously cos no one wants them very often.

I got a whole salmon fish head (halved) from NTUC Finest the other day for just slightly over $3! I figured my favourite (and no doubt the easiest) way to cook this part of the fish is to make a soup out of it.

Soups are really easy to make - just throw in the ingredients and leave it to boil/simmer. It is just THAT simple. I also added a fair variety of vegetables to this salmon fish head soup to give it more flavour and extra vitamins.

I used:
a whole salmon fish head
black fungus
1/4 block of butter

You can add more or less of the above stuff, it's really up to you. If you're afraid of the fishy smell, you can throw in a few slices of ginger.

I stir fried the mushrooms in butter first, added the rest of the ingredients and season with salt, pepper, tumeric and nutmeg .

Fill the pot with just enough water to cover everything and leave it to boil and then simmer. 2 hours in the pot should do the job but if you have plenty of time, leave it a little longer to get more flavour.

This is a fantastic clear soup and I down 3 bowls of this because it was just so good.

Can't finish the soup? Fret not. Just remove the vegetables and fish head from your soup and store the liquid in your freezer as a stock.

Stocks, whether chicken, fish or beef are a great way to add an amazing kick to your stews or other soups.

If you're lazy, you can just heat it up and have it as a simple soup, lol.

                                                                                                Look who's here to kaypoh!

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