18 September 2012

Creamed Spinach & Carrots with Prawns

Ever since I’ve started on LCHF, I’ve been more adventurous in the kitchen and I really enjoy whipping up tasty meals especially on weekends when I have more time. So I’ve been thinking of trying to cook vegetables in a “fatty” way because I normally sauté my veggies in lard/butter/coconut oil and it gets kinda meh after a while.

And I remembered a cream recipe involving spinach I saw somewhere before and googled for a recipe I could refer to. I then altered the recipe a bit to accommodate the extra stuff I wanted to incorporate into the dish.

I used:
220g of spinach, stalks removed
1 medium sized carrot, julienned
heavy whipping cream (I used Millac 38% Fat from Phoon Huat, $7.05)
some cheese
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
a block of butter
black pepper
a pinch of sea salt

- cook the carrots in boiling water until almost soft

- add spinach into the boiling water and remove from heat immediately once the leaves turn green (this is to prevent unnecessary loss of vitamins/nutrients)

- drain carrots and spinach and run them under tap water to stop them from cooking further

- add the butter to a clean pan and melt over medium heat

- throw in garlic and sauté until slightly brown

- place your carrots and spinach in and add the cream (amount of cream can be adjusted to your liking) and cheese

As you can see, I added quite a bit of cream because I like gravy.

- sprinkle in a dash of sea salt and pepper to season

- cook over low heat and if you like a thicker sauce, you can cook it longer so the cream will reduce

It was my first time experimenting with cream in cooking and I must say I love it! I also added some prawns which I sautéed in butter earlier on. This was delicious and the cream proved to be really jelat and I was really satiated. It’s true when they say you really can’t overeat in LCHF because fat makes you full faster and longer. I had wanted to cook some eggs to complete my meal but I was too full from the creamed spinach, lol.

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