30 September 2012

Yogurt & Cream

Want a quick breakfast or a easy to prepare snack? This should fit the bill.

I've always loved greek yogurt so this little treat is great for me. All you need is greek yogurt, coconut cream and heavy cream and mix them together.

Now, you will want to use greek yogurt instead of the other types of yogurt you can find as greek yogurt has the highest amount of fat among them.

I prefer the greek yogurt from Farmer's Union as it is more tart and is a great complement to the slightly sweet coconut cream and heavy cream.

My ratio of the yogurt, coconut cream and heavy cream is usually 1 cup: 1/2 cup: 3/4 cup but you can definitely make adjustments according to your taste buds.

Some macadamia or walnuts are also a great addition but I am allergic to them so I added some cinnamon powder and sesame powder instead. Of course, you can have it plain too.

The beauty of this yogurt & cream treat is its flexibility to accommodate whatever stuff you want to add! Throw in some berries if you like as berries are relatively low in sugar and a handful probably won't spike your blood sugar by a whole lot.

This takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and it is always my number 1 quick fix for a snack.

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