10 August 2012

Braised Duck @ Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

This is at the hawker centre located at Queen Street, near Guan Yin Temple (四马路). It also has a wet and dry market.

I had actually wanted to buy the roast pork from this stall but it was sold out when I reached at around 3.30pm on a weekday.

All that was left was half of a braised duck which the friendly uncle persuaded me to take while giving me a small discount.

As you can see, the stall also sells roast duck and suckling pig.

This stall is part of the dry market, situated along the row of stalls facing the hawker food stalls.

This is half of the braised duck which I bought for $14. Look at that luscious duck leg!

While cutting up the duck for me, the uncle took the duck leg and waved it at me, exclaiming in Mandarin, "Look at this, so nice right? You will be so full just by eating this duck leg!" Hahaha.

He is right. Eating healthy fats will keep you full for a longer time.

The braised duck was alright. I ate some of it that night and gave some lean meat and bones to my cat, which he lapped up happily, lol.

Eating LCHF, while we should up our fat intake through meat and other natural sources like butter/cheese, we should also take note of how much protein we are consuming.

Too much protein will result in your body converting that extra protein into glucose that will cause an increase in your insulin which in turn leads to fat storage and weight gain.

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