08 August 2012

Lamb Loin Salad

As I had extra egg yolks from making the Oopsie Bread, I decided to add a little something to my dinner for that day. 

I stir fried the egg yolks with natural grated cheddar cheese and look at the bright golden colour of the eggs! I placed it onto the bed of salad with baby carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado and seared lamb loin. 

I got the salad from Cold Storage, it was one of those packed and ready to eat salad. Expensive but I love the refreshing crispness of the vegetables. The fresh mushrooms (not canned, please) were stir fried with butter and cheese.

I marinated the lamb with pepper and salt before searing the meat on a dry pan over medium heat. I didn’t follow any particular recipe and just turn the lamb now and then. To be sure, I sliced the lamb when it was on the pan to check how cooked the inside was. When the inside had turned a light pink, I took it out, cut the meat into smaller pieces and placed them onto the salad.  

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