11 August 2012

Coconut Oil/Milk/Cream/Butter...Everything

Eating LCHF, the greatest discovery for me is definitely coconut.

I've never really had much of a liking for coconut, despite growing up in Singapore with all the curry, laksa and traditional desserts.

A childhood memory I have of coconut is being in the dry section of a wet market with my mother as she buys a packet of freshly grated coconut. She will then bring it home and make freshly squeezed coconut milk for her curry using a cloth.

Now, coconut holds an entirely different meaning for me. It is what I eat everyday! Coconut is officially my favourite LCHF food.

I first got started with coconut oil. During a consultation with my doctor (yes...another consultation, haha), she asked what oil do I use to cook my food in? Of course, I didn't use oil when I cook but my mother does and she used olive oil and so I told her that.

My doctor then told me while olive oil is good, it can become toxic and loses its many benefits when heated to a high temperature. She then recommended me coconut oil which is the only healthy oil that retains its nutritional qualities at very high temperatures.

Well, I then got home and did my research. While I found that the issue of olive oil being toxic at high temperatures is still debatable, I realized coconut oil seems to have amazing benefits I wasn't aware of previously.

Needless to say, I got on iHerb and ordered a bottle at once. I convinced my mother to switch to coconut oil for cooking and I got this for her:

Jarrow Formulas EVCO

I truly became a convert to coconut oil when I ate what she cooked using it. The food smelled divine and well, you know how it is; once you smell something great, your taste buds will enjoy it much more.

And then I got to know about LCHF and found out coconut milk/cream is a wonderful (and inexpensive) source of healthy fats. I then got some coconut cream from the supermarket and went home, feeling excited to try it.

It was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. I never knew 100% natural coconut cream tasted this good! The cream had a mild pleasant sweetness with a wonderful aroma. I almost finished the entire packet in one shot - true story, bro. (It was the small packet one though, hahaha).

Anyway, I usually buy these. You can get the Kara one at most supermarkets. I only managed to find the Aroy-D one at Giant though.

Please buy the coconut milk/cream in tetra packs instead of cans as canned products run the risk of containing BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA is a chemical which has been used for years in clear plastic bottles and food-can liners.

As we should up our fat intake with healthy fats in LCHF, this means coconut milk/cream can be eaten as often as we like. Satis! 

Whenever I am thirsty or slightly hungry, I'll like to take a gulp of cold coconut cream. Yums.

Otherwise, I'll add it to my black coffee:

As I am also a coffee lover, this drink gives me the best of both worlds.

Lastly, there is also coconut butter. I got mine from iHerb too. (iHerb is a great site btw, you can use my referral code GOM043 to enjoy $5 off your first order)

Artisana Coconut Butter

You can take your pick from other brands too, just make sure they are 100% coconut. I tried to eat this butter as a snack but it turned out to be very dry due to the natural oil separation.

I actually nearly choked because of the dryness as I was kinda overzealous about the taste and put a very big spoonful of it in my mouth. Lol, I'm such a joke.

Anyway, I used most of the coconut butter in another bread recipe which I will share in another post.

That's all I have to gush about the wonders of coconut and its many faces so...go get your coconut-whatever now!

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