31 August 2012

Mutton Soup @ Albert Centre Food and Market Centre

I’m going to introduce another one of my favourites when I eat out (which frankly speaking, is quite seldom). This is also from Albert Centre Food and Market Centre. I go there very often as my work place is in the vicinity.

Soups are great because they warm my stomach and tend to be more savoury which make me feel more satisfied. I quite like this mutton soup from this Indian stall (Siraj) that is apparently famous for its rojak. The stall is located at the first row of hawker stalls facing Bencoolen Plaza. Although I love soups, I tend to avoid drinking soups when I eat out due to the fear of MSG/seasoning stallholders like to use freely.

That said, I was surprised when I tasted this mutton soup (for the record, I’ve never had mutton soup before so I don’t know if this is authentic or not as compared to other mutton soups) because the soup though strong in flavour, did not have the sickeningly MSG-like aftertaste. This mutton soup makes me feel like I’m drinking the real thing – mutton + herbs/spices + salt without any artificial seasoning. Even having said that, I don't finish all of the soup as I am not 100% sure of its ingredients.

The most important thing to note is that meat is always abundant in the soup. I always find many pieces of meat and 2 bones in my soup. I love the bones because they always have this gelatinous meat and fats left on the them.

Aside from all of that, I feel mutton is a nice alternative (for meat) to add to your diet as living in Singapore, chicken and pork are usually the ubiquitous choices.

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