13 August 2012

Butter French Beans

French beans (also known as green beans or string beans) are one of my favourite vegetables. I like the crisp and subtle sweetness of them. Best of all, they are very easy to prepare.

French beans belong to the legume group which also encompasses beans, peas and also certain nuts. While some of us may choose to avoid legumes because they can be high in carbs, french beans contain much lesser carbs as compared to black beans.

French beans can be easily found at any supermarket and they are inexpensive too. You can add other vegetables or meat (the fattier the better). I added carrots and mushrooms.

To prepare french beans, wash them well, remove the two ends of each stalk and cut them into smaller sections.

I boiled the french beans and carrots over medium high heat to get them partially cooked first.

I then drained them and added the mushrooms. I stir-fried them with a thick slab of butter (you may choose to use oil too).

And then it's done. Vegetables with an amazing buttery fragrance and of course I didn't forget the meat. Remember the mouthwatering duck leg from that half of a braised duck I bought?

Wow, it sure makes a nice picture with all those colours and it definitely tasted better than it looked.

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